Fantasia Accessories is a full service/turnkey manufacturer of national brand equivalent and private label health and beauty care products including Johnson Parker and Bristol Carter Care Products.

Our professional team consists of personnel who have comprehensive real world experiences in product development quality manufacturing. Our team's objective is to provide our customers a complete range of services which will assure your concepts become reality in a effective, timely and customer friendly fashion.

We offer a wide variety of products including bath, body care, creams, liquid soaps, and hair care products, formulated to any specification. Bottles, containers, and closures can be chosen from our extensive library of stock molds or can be customized. Item, display and set packaging can be designed for specific markets. Coordinated product lines can be merchandised to represent a full story assortment which are delivered ready to the selling floor. Certifications and quality assurance procedures are established to the strictest compliance to assure a safe and accurate result. Global logistical presence will assure timely delivery anywhere.


we understand
Fantasia will ease your concerns during the entire process and provide a timely cost-effective, turnkey solution to your specific project.
Fantasia understands the complexity of launching a product from concept to consumers.